Get the Buzz!

All clients in The Beehive will receive regular eshots in respect of “all things that matter” to their business and personal circumstances.

  • We don’t send pointless eshots.
  • We don’t send long eshots.
  • We don’t send eshots full of jargon.

What we do is send timely and useful short communications to act as an information source or as a timely reminder.  For example, on 29th July, we will have sent a reminder to all clients to pay their tax, if due, by 31 July.   We sent an eshot on new child benefit rules in May 2013 (to parents with non adult children) and so on.

You can opt out of receiving eshots at any time.

We will aim to organise the occasional gathering for all our clients in a local hostelry for a bit of networking or a putting the world to right session with other “captains of industry”.  A chance to get to know us and other business clients in a relaxed environment.  (A proper Bee Knees Up)

We look forward to a mutually benefical working relationship.

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Beehive is a business support division of Cube Partners Limited, Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors.

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