Scanning / Shredding

There is a legal requirement to keep all business records for at least 6 years.  To avoid the need to keep volumous records, we can scan your files and save the documents to a memory stick.  We will then shred and dispose of the original documents.

Approximate Cost:

  • One file containing A4 papers (approx. 200 sheets, about 4 cm/1.5” thick) is around £15 per file and £8 per stick plus VAT.   (a stick will hold around 20 files of info)
  • A file (an A4 file, about 4cm/1.5 inch thick) of miscellaneous documents, such as taxi, fuel, shop receipts etc., costs approximately £60 per file and £8 per stick plus VAT.
  • The price includes the scanning, disposal and the memory stick.

We will provide specific quotes for this service, as the above is merely an approximate guide.

Beehive is a business support division of Cube Partners Limited, Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors.

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