Forecasting & Budget

It will often pay a business to set a budget to achieve both increased sales and overhead control.   Without a target, some businesses may stay static.  However, with sales targets in place, it may inspire the sales team to achieve great results.  Likewise, a cost budget may assist with controlling the overhead.  We can help you prepare a budget and then use the actual results to compare to the budget when preparing the management accounts.

A budget can be combined with a cash flow forecast to ensure the business is properly funded, and to identify at the earliest time any possible shortfall in working capital requirements.

If you require any funding, the lender (bank or investor) will usually require a set of forecasts for the future year(s), along with a business plan.

We can help with the writing of the business plan, in addition to the financial forecasts.

Costs will vary, but will start from £350 plus VAT.

Beehive is a business support division of Cube Partners Limited, Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors.

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