About Cube & the Beehive

Cube Partners Limited

Cube Partners Limited can provide all the services that a firm of Chartered Accountants would be expected to provide, along with specialist taxation and audit services.

Cube is regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and is authorised to audit companies, LLP’s and carry out specialist audits such as grant audits, solicitors accounts rule audits and so on.

Cube has extensive in house tax experience in terms of planning for transactions, corporate and personal planning, buying and selling companies, as well as structural planning.

In addition, we have a vast amount of experience in dealing with HMRC tax enquires at all levels (including prosecution), for all taxes.

Cube has put in place Fee cover Investigation insurance, which is available to all clients of Cube/Beehive.  An annual fee is paid, and in the event of an enquiry, in most cases the professional costs associated with the enquiry are covered by the insurance.  The service includes a free legal help line.

Any client of the Beehive will have full access to all of Cube’s resources.



Strategic Alliances

“It’s who you know…”

We have put in place a number of strategic alliances to assist our clients. These are business relationships that we have formed, and have in most cases requested our strategic partner to provide their initial services to our clients in an efficient and if possible cost effective manner. Cube has no financial benefit in any of these relationships, they have been put in place for the benefit of our clients, and we hope adds value:

Bankers: Immediate access to a business manager (for businesses of up to £2,000,000 or over £2,000,000). The managers are aware of how we work with our clients, and the quality of the financial information that will be available.

Marketing Consultant: We have arranged a 60 minute consultation for £50 plus VAT, from a local consultant who currently consults for a variety of businesses including several blue chip companies.

Web/social media packages: We have negotiated a deal for new or very small business for a fixed price first or holding website, and advice on social media.

Employment Solicitors: We have negotiated a fixed price for new or small businesses to have employment contracts and an employment handbook drafted with a local firm of solicitors who specialise in employment law.

Mortgages: We can refer a highly specialised and effective mortgage broker.

Corporate Recovery:  Should your business get into difficulty we have a number of corporate recovery specialists we can refer you to.

Asset Finance/Factoring: We have a number of business relationships with specialist companies dealing with raising working capital.

We have very good contacts and relationships with most types of business that you are likely to need and will happily connect our clients with who they need to know.  Note that Cube does not receive any commission payment for any referral.  We only refer clients where we consider they will obtain a first class service.

Beehive is a business support division of Cube Partners Limited, Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors.

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